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Version 6 by hannes on 29. September 2009, 09:59

This file is located in an application's code repository (e.g. `apps/myApp/` or `apps/myApp/code/`, depending on your setup). A wide variety of properties can be defined here. Generally, any imaginable name can be used as a property and assigned a string value the way

    propertyName = propertyValue

Properties defined in such a way can be evaluated from inside Helma's scripting environment by using the `getProperty()` function.

Several application specific settings can be controlled trough pre-defined properties. See the [Server and Application Properties] for a complete overview.

Many of those pre-defined properties also can be defined server-wide in [server.properties]. However, any property that is set there will be overwritten by an appropriate setting in [app.properties].

    # Setting some properties:
    backgroundColor = #3333ff
    title = "Hello, World!"</tt>

Accessing the properties from application code:

    var bgColor = getProperty("backgroundColor");
    // #3333ff

    var title = getProperty("title");
    // "Hello, World!"