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This file is located in Helma's installation directory. It contains a list of applications that helma will handle (ie. start up, execute, update). If no explicit application directory is specified, the name of an application refers to a directory with the same name in helma's apps directory.

Generally, applications are started just by listing them in this file:


Simple apps.properties file

Several default options can be overridden by adding properties in the form appname.option:

appname.mountpoint = /

The appname.mountpoint option defines where the application should be mounted on the web server's URI space. Defaults to /<appname>.

appname.appdir = /some/path/app

The appname.appdir defines the directory which contains the application's properties and code files. Defaults to apps/<appname>.

appname.repository.0 = apps/appName
appname.repository.1 = modules/helmaTools.zip
appname.repository.2 = modules/core/all.js
appname.repository.3 = modules/helma/Ftp.js
appname.repository.4 = /full/path/to/codedir
appname.repository.4.implementation = helma.framework.repository.MultiFileRepository
appname.repository.5 = /full/path/to/morecode.zip

The appname.repository.x properties provides an alternative to the appname.appdir property, allowing you to combine code stored in several locations. Code in repositores with higher numbers will override code in repositories with lower numbers. Optionally, the implementaion of the repository can be set to behave as MultiFileRepository, which will treat the zip-files and directories inside the specified directory as individual repositories.

appname.dbdir = /some/path/db

The appname.dbdir option defines the directory which contains the application's embedded XML database. Defaults to db/<appname>.

appname.static = /some/path/htdocs

The appname.static option defines a directory from which to serve static content for this application.

appname.staticMountpoint = /files

The appname.staticMountpoint option defines the mountpoint for the static content in the web server's URI space. Defaults to /static.

appname.staticIndex = true

The appname.staticIndex option defines whether the web server should display directory listings for static directories.

appname.staticHome = index.html, default.htm

The appname.staticHome option defines the files to serve when a static directory is served.

appname.protectedStatic = /some/path/protected

The appname.protectedStatic option defines a "protected" static directory. Its contents are not directly accessible through the web but only using res.forward(path).

appname.cookieDomain = .antville.org

The appname.cookieDomain option defines the cookie domain for this application. If set, cookies will be shared among all sites in the domain.

appname.uploadLimit = 2048

The appname.uploadLimit option defines the limit for files uploaded to this app, in kB

appname.uploadSoftfail = true

The appname.uploadSoftfail option defines if the standard Helma upload error should be shown when the upload limit is exceeded. If set to true the property req.data.helmauploaderror is set in case of an error and the standard Helma error page (defined in the error property in app.properties) is shown.

appname.debug = true

The appname.debug option lets you print verbose debug messages if something goes wrong.

appname.protectedSessionCookie = true

This tells Helma whether to make session cookie IP binding optional.