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Version 3 by Philipp on 09. May 2008, 16:34

To store your HopObjects into a relational database system you need to define a database mapping. This is done in the type.properties files located in the persistent  HopObject's prototype directory (e.g. apps/myApp/MyPrototype). The type.properties files contain no JDBC connection information, which is located in the db.properties file in the Helma installation directory.

_db = datasourcename

The _db entry describes the database source to use for managing objects of this type. datasourcename is the connection's name defined in the db.properties, which is located in Helma’s installation directory. The db.properties file contains information about the JDBC connections, like the JDBC driver, the connection URL and the database username and password.

_table = tablename

The _table entry tells Helma which table to use for objects of this type within the database. To avoid problems with reserved words of SQL or your database system you should prefix your table names. (e.g. T_Story for the Story prototype’s table)






 obj = object(SomeHopObject)





 coll = collection(SomeHopObject)














 moutpointName = mountpoint(SomeTransientHopObject)