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Version 10 by oberhamsi on 23. February 2010, 22:37

Our SVN repositories are the place to get the latest source code of Helma 1.x, additional JS libraries and other Helma applications.

You can <a href="https://dev.helma.org/trac/helma/browser/">browse the SVN repository</a> via WWW interface, where you will find sections for the <a href="https://dev.helma.org/trac/helma/browser/helma/helma/trunk">Helma 1.x source code</a> and <a href="https://dev.helma.org/trac/helma/browser/apps/modules/trunk">various Helma applications and modules</a>.

The latest source code of Ringo (formerly known as "Helma NG"), on the other hand, is <a href="http://github.com/hns/helma-ng/tree/mastercom/ringo/ringojs/">available at Github</a>.

### Anonymous check-out from SVN

URL: <https://dev.helma.org/svn/helma/helma/trunk/>

### Checking-out an app or module from SVN

    svn checkout https://dev.helma.org/svn/helma/helma/trunk/ helma

### Building Helma 1.x from SVN

    svn checkout https://dev.helma.org/svn/helma/helma/trunk/ helma
    cd helma
    ant package

Now you should have current Helma packages in helma/dist/ as follows:


### Building Helma NG from Git

Please see [Helma NG/Getting Started][helma ng/getting started] for details how to get and build Helma NG.