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Version 6 by zumbrunn on 22. September 2009, 15:21

=== *Introductions|http://helma.server-side-javascriptserverjs.org/intro/applications*
Quick hands-on introductions to individual aspects of the Helma Javascript Web Application Framework. These introductions assume that you have Helma installed on your local machine and refer to the <a href="http://helma.server-side-javascript.org/">"welcome" app</a> as an example application, which is included as part of the Helma download packages.

=== *Tools|http://helma.server-side-javascriptserverjs.org/tools/about_manage*
Quick hands-on introductions to development tools of the Helma Javascript Web Application Framework. These introductions refer to the tools included in the Helma download packages.

=== *Reference|http://helma.server-side-javascriptserverjs.org/reference/*
Detailed reference of objects and methods available both in the built-in scripting environment and as part of the optional modules included in the Helma download packages.

=== *Properties Files*
References and examples for files containing metadata for database-connections as well as server- and application-wide settings.

=== *Request-Response-Cycle*
This part of the guide walks you through Helma's web and rendering framework.

=== *Object-Relational Mapping Guide|Object-Relational Mapping*
This collection of documents describes the property file syntax used to map persistent HopObjects to relational database tables.

=== *Object-Relational Mapping Tutorial*
This tutorial walks you through setting up Helma and implementing a simple addressbook application that stores its data inside a relational database.

=== *Deployment Guides|tags/deployment*
A collection of guides involving installation, setup and other practical issues.

=== *Helma Documentation in DocBook format*
Covering all aspects of Helma, although it isn't finished yet, it should be useful for Helma developers of all levels of expertise.