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Version 1 by hannes on 25. April 2008, 13:43

Our SVN repositories are the place to get the latest source code of Helma 1.x, additional JS libraries and other Helma applications.

You can <a href="https://dev.helma.org/trac/helma/browser/">browse the SVN repository</a> via WWW interface, where you will find sections for the <a href="https://dev.helma.org/trac/helma/browser/helma/helma/trunk">Helma 1.x source code</a> and <a href="https://dev.helma.org/trac/helma/browser/apps/modules/trunk">various Helma applications and modules</a>.

=== Anonymous check-out from SVN

URL: https://dev.helma.org/svn/helma/helma/trunk/

=== Checking-out an app or module from SVN using the shell

<tt>svn checkout https://dev.helma.org/svn/helma/helma/trunk/ helma</tt>

=== Building the Helma 1.x package from SVN using the shell

<tt>svn checkout https://dev.helma.org/svn/helma/helma/trunk/ helma
cd helma/build
ant package

Now you should have current Helma packages in helma/dist/ as follows:

=== Building the Helma NG package from Subversion using the shell

To checkout the current Helma NG source from the Subversion repository and build it, use the following commands:

<tt>svn checkout https://dev.helma.org/svn/helma-ng/trunk/ helma-ng
cd helma-ng
ant jar</tt>

Note that you need to have the <a href="http://dev.helma.org/svn/helma-ng/trunk/lib/junit-3.8.2.jar">junit-3.8.2.jar</a> in your CLASSPATH in order to be able to successfully build Helma 2. On MacOSX for example,  at Library/Java/Extensions/junit-3.8.2.jar