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Status Update

Helma 1.5.0 was released on June 6. Expect a maintainance 1.5.1 release later this summer.

For Helma 1.6 (traditional Helma core with enhanced script libraries and running with Rhino 1.6), Marcello Bastéa-Forte has sent a patch that would preserve helma-doc app introspection with Rhino 1.6. The other option would be to disable code introspection and only support skin and properties file introspection in the Helma manage app for Helma 1.6. The area that needs possibly most work for Helma 1.6 is the Rhino debugger, which has changed quite a lot in Rhino 1.6.

On the Helma 2 side, things have started moving again. I'm currently researching on ways to implement persistent HopObjects as vanilla JavaScript objects. For the template/skin support, which will be part of the next Helma 2 milestone, I have proposed to use Jürg Lehni's JavaScript Template Engine as it seems to best meet our goals for Helma 2 templates features, simplicity and security. Templating features should start to show up in Subversion over the next days or weeks. Finally, the other area where I have started spending some time lately is how to integrate the Helma 1 repository concept into Helma 2.