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Version 1 by zumbrunn on 21. January 2008, 16:44

Over the past days, I did some experimenting with the JOMP patch for Rhino and the mapping of additional filename extensions to HopObject properties. I probably took it a bit to far and made the list of supported file suffixes to long, even introducing duplicates, but I would like to propose supporting additional filename based conventions for Helma 1.7.

Here is what I added for my experiments:

foo.macro --> becomes a hobj.foo_macro function with "params" as first argument
foo.get --> becomes a hobj.foo_action_get function
foo.post --> becomes a hobj.foo_action_post function
foo.put --> becomes a hobj.foo_action_put function
foo.delete --> becomes a hobj.foo_action_delete function
foo.e4x --> becomes a hobj.foo_e4x xml object
foo.json --> becomes a hobj.foo_json js object

Then I also needed a mapping that would not be generally useful, but only interesting in the context of my experiments:

foo.control --> becomes a hobj.foo_control function with "view" as first argument

And on top of all that, I added some duplicates:

foo.view --> the same as foo.skin
foo.action --> the same as foo.hac

The helma patch that resulted in:

<% this.attachments %>

Maybe instead of adding direct built-in support for additional filename conventions to Helma, we could instead add functionality that would make it easy to script/configure such additional conventions as needed.