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Version 2 by maks on 04. September 2007, 03:34

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Version 1 by maks on 24. July 2007, 04:12

1I've created a simple app that creates a skeleton folder layout for a new helma app according to the conventions that I use (eg. seperate sub folders for actions and skins).
2Happy to get any feedback people might have on this.
3I'm also planning to enhance it a bit more by adding the default *Scaffolding* HopObject actions and skins once they are ready.
4For now it pretty easy to use - just add an entry for the app in your apps.proeprties file (liek the one for the manage app), eg. "helmaBuilder" and then just drop the attached zip file into the new "helmaBuilder" folder that helma creates for you as soon as you save your edit to apps.properties
5To use Builder application, go to its main page, eg.
7and enter the name for your new app and the folder structure will be created for you in: