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Gobi Troubles

While editing the page about my template engine, I encountered quite a few problems with Gobi:

So far I find it generally complicated and not really intuitive to work with this Wiki:

All this makes me wonder if we wouldn't be better off with a system like Trac that just works?

Thanks, Jürg. Some of these issues just have to do with settings which can/could be changed. Some other things are still missing in Gobi, and I'll address these. I invite you wholeheartly to get your feet wet and help with improving gobi. Going with somebody else's dogfood just because of some initial troubles? Two words: NO WAY! -hns

I'm sorry, Hannes. It probably sounded quite offensive to you, I guess I was somehow frustrated at the end. A fast and efficient development of Helma 2 just has a far higher priority for me than improving Gobi. I don't feel like having to fix this first in order to be able to work and communicate nicely on all things Helma 2, as I don't have enough time for this at the moment. That's why I asked that question in the end. But in order to change that spirit again, here some ideas of improvement:
  • A RSS feed on the Updates page would be very handy, so I could subscribe easily to changes and wouldn't have to come back here daily to often see that nothing changed. Or even better: Any page should allow to be subscribed to by RSS, even SVN pages.
  • <div class="reply"> Should become a special character "tag" as well, and nested replies like this one here should change color, like in many email readers. And the should add spaces between each other, so I wouldn't need to add <br />.

- juerg

Thanks, Hannes, for reacting so quickly and fixing many of the problems.
Some more input here:
  • I tried to comment to your weblog post Gobifood but couldn't, as Gobi does not allow me to edit it, and there is no comment function.
  • The link to history.rss asks me to log in, although I am already logged in. I guess I am not allowed to see the page's history, because I'm not the editor of it.

And again, please excuse my somewhat di initial reactions to these problems. I am impatient sometimes ;)
- juerg

Juerg, thanks for keeping pushing and trying and complaining. Without you, nothing would have changed here in these last days.

The reason you can't do some things on this site is you aren't registered as member or admin. This is because I want this site to work the same for any registered user. The history page for weblog postings was reserved to the posting's owner. I just changed that (was really easy btw).

Links to this page: Regarding Gobi