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Version 21 by Lehni on 12. January 2006, 12:32

While editing the page about my template engine (*Helma 2 Templates - juerg*), I encountered quite a few problems with Gobi:

* The page was first named "Helma 2 Templates - jürg" (with an umlaut), which was not causing problems first, but when I uploaded an attachment to it, the attachment could not be found when following the link afterwards.
* I then tried to put the code as inline text on the page, which caused a SQL error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error retrieving Node: java.sql.SQLException: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''\(\' AND page.parent_id = 339' at line 1 (/usr/local/dev.helma.org/code/Page/PageCore.js#373).
* I then wanted to rename the page but didn't find that function, so I started a new one (and couldn't delete the old one).

So far I find it generally complicated and not really intuitive to work with this Wiki:

* Many things need to be done with HTML tags. I would prefer if there were shortcuts to the things we really need (images, links, etc), and everything else would automatically get escaped. For example: Why not letting the (STAR)-operator create external links as well? And there could be an extended version of it, where the title of the link could be added, separated by a colon. E.g: (STAR)http:// www.helma.org:Helma(STAR). This could even be used for internal links...
* The font size is far too big on Mac / Safari.
* There should be the possibility for subpages, so "Helma 2 Templates" could function as a parent for all the different pages about Templating stuff, otherwise this ends in chaos quickly.
* For simple comments about content, it's often easier to use a comment function instead of adding to the page itself, without a clear convention of how we should do so. Either we need a page about Wiki conventions, or a more conventional forum / weblog mechanism for comments.
* Special Wiki characters should be escapable with a backslash, so they can also be used as normal chars.

All this makes me wonder if we wouldn't be better off with a system like Trac (*http://www.edgewall.com/trac/*) that just works?

<div class="reply">Thanks, Jürg. Some of these issues just have to do with settings which can/could be changed. Some other things are still missing in Gobi, and I'll address these. I invite you wholeheartly to get your feet wet and help with improving gobi. Going with somebody else's dogfood just because of some initial troubles? Two words: NO WAY! -hns

<div class="reply">I'm sorry, Hannes. It probably sounded quite offensive to you, I guess I was somehow frustrated at the end. A fast and efficient development of Helma 2 just has a far higher priority for me than improving Gobi. I don't feel like having to fix this first in order to be able to work and communicate nicely on all things Helma 2, as I don't have enough time for this at the moment. That's why I asked that question in the end. But in order to change that spirit again, here some ideas of improvement:
* A RSS feed on the Updates page would be very handy, so I could subscribe easily to changes and wouldn't have to come back here daily to often see that nothing changed. Or even better: Any page should allow to be subscribed to by RSS, even SVN pages.
* &lt;div class="reply"&gt; Should become a special character "tag" as well, and nested replies like this one here should change color, like in many email readers. And the should add spaces between each other, so I wouldn't need to add &lt;br /&gt;.
- juerg
<div class="reply">

Thanks, Hannes, for reacting so quickly and fixing many of the problems. Some more input here: I tried to comment to your weblog post *Gobifood* but couldn't, as it does not allow me to edit it, and there are no comments. The link to *http://dev.helma.org/Weblog/2006/01/gobifood/history.rss* asks me to log in, although I am already logged in. I guess I am not allowed to see the page's history, because I'm not the editor of it.
- juerg