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HOWTO improve Helma 1.x

I am currently working on improving and extending Helma 1.x. This page serves as a public todo list summing up tasks that should be or could be done (but are no bugs) to improve Helma 1.x.


#1 by maks at 2008/08/07 02:40

I think this is a great idea and am happy to help.
It would be great if we could also put the bugzilla IDs next to each item on this page...

I'd prefer size() since I use it rather then count() in all my existing apps.

Would also be good to have getOrderedView() work with sorting by child properties as currently its quite limited. Perhaps it would be better to rework it to be more generic sorting interface.

Would also like to propose the following for the DB/ORM layer:
  • finish the work started by making the dirty nodes a ordered list (instead of hashmap) and add code required to map transient IDs to allocated DB IDs. This will allow transient nodes which are children of a transient node to all be persisted in the same transaction. Currently this does not work, because the transient children do not know have the DB ID that gets allocated to the parent transient object as it gets persisted, just before the children get persisted.
  • start using DB transactions via JDBC
#2 by hannes at 2009/02/19 12:29

Note that as of Helma 1.6.3, getOrderedView returns a transient HopObject: http://helma.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=534