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Version 4 by hannes on 18. June 2006, 01:55

The purpose of this page is to describe how all the features in Helma 1.5 will be implemented in Helma 2. Some features will be implemented in Helma core, while others will be implemented as JS libraries, extendsion or modules.

=== req ===

Implemented in *in Helma core core|Source/helma/trunk/src/org/helma/servlet/ScriptableRequest.java* with additional features and properties, fully scriptable through Request.prototype.

=== res ===

Implemented in *in Helma core core|Source/helma/trunk/src/org/helma/servlet/ScriptableResponse.java* with additional features and properties, fully scriptable through Response.prototype.

=== session ===

To be determined. Check lazy session creation and integration with Servlet session support.

=== app ===

To be determined.

=== path ===

To be determined, depends a lot on *request path mapping* implementation.

=== HopObject ===

==== Persistence Support

Implemented as Java module. For integration into Rhino see *Helma 2 HopObject Implementation*.

==== Prototype folders

May be implemented using a include(dir, prototype) feature that evaluates scripts in the given directory on the given object prototype. Thus, Helma 1 apps would require a simple js file with includes for all prototypes to run on Helma 2.