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Version 4 by hannes on 02. April 2008, 15:41

Some vague feature ideas for Helma 1.7

* Try to decouple helma.objectmodel from the rest of the framework, and start layering a javascript interface on top of it so it can be used in stand-alone/explicit fashion.
* Start using SessionManager to actually implement different session management schemes (db persistence etc)
* Extend and enhance helma.File.js and other modules
* Start removing core extensions in favor of modules?
* Drop helma.doc package, maybe in favour of jsdoc-toolkit, or get token parsing funcitonality accepted into rhino cvs.
* Provide full configurability when running Helma in embedded (tomcat) mode.
* Support *Jürg Lehni's rhino extensions|https://dev.scriptographer.com/*
* Support *JSAdapter|http://blogs.sun.com/sundararajan/entry/self_javascript_and_jsadapter*
* varargs support for res.write(), res.writeln(), res.debug(): pass 0..n arguments to these methods, they will be rendered speparated by a single whitespace like print in python.