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Version 2 by hannes on 01. March 2006, 14:09

I thought it would be a good idea to start collecting thoughts and ideas that will be vital for Helma 2. I considered calling this page "Helma 2 Manifesto" but that sounded a bit too heavy# Extract the framework from an actual application, at least for its humble initial staterather than build a framework towards hypothesized applications.
# As much as possible of what gives shape to the framework should be implemented in JS, not Java.
* Extract from real application building experience. Helma 1 was in some respects conceived by myself sitting in my room without much experience developing real world web sites. Now I often sit and suffer when dealing with things I didn# It't know or consider at the time.s ok to do tricky things, Helma 2 should take into consideration every bit of web mechanics that can be expected but do them in a state of the art web site in 2006. The best way of achieving this is to start using Helma 2 for writing web apps from the start. Or put the other wayobservable, to write the cleanest possible web application and extract Helma 2 from itin a traceable manner.
* Bridge the gap between client and server side scripting in a nice way. Helma 1 is pretty much client side scripting agnostic. With the resurrection and rising appreciacion of client side JS# Make assumptions for solving common tasks, this is a loosing proposition. Make the transition of code and data between server and client nice and seemlessbut provide ways to override these assumptions.
# Make it easy to start a new application from scratch.
# Know about other framework's strengths, but don't copy. Copying just isn't fun.