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Version 4 by hannes on 09. December 2005, 12:02

==== Spec

* Macros in skins are marked as (* *).
* Macros can contain both named and unnamed parameters, in any combination.
* Named parameters are denoted as name=value, unnamed parameters are denoted as value.
* For string parameter values, single or double quotes are optional unless the value contains whitespace characters.
* Macro parameters wrapped in ( ) are interpreted as nested macros.
* Macro parameters wrappedn in {{ }} are interpreted as nested skins.
* Skins and macros are both implemented as plain JS objects.
* Macro parameters are passed in a way that allows sequential value lookup, sequential name lookup and named lookup:
    var params = {
      values: [],
      names: [],
      byName: {}
* Nested skins and macros are passed to macros as skin and macro objects, respectively. In other words, macro evaluation and skin rendering is up to the containing macro.
* Standard macros such as if/else, foreach, equals, greaterThan are implemented as plain macros in JS.

==== Examples

  if (user) {{
    <div>Logged in as (* (** user.name *)</div>
  }} else {{
    <form action="(* loginUrl *)">
      <td>Name</td><td><input name="name"></td>
      <td>Password</td><td><input type="password" name="password"></td>

<h1>(* story.title *)</h1>
<div>(* story.text *)</div>
  if (story.hasComments) {{
  (* foreach comment in (story.comments)
      <td>(* encode(comment.title) *)</td>
      <td>(* encode(comment.text) *)</td>