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Collecting ideas for Helma 2 Template Framework.

Quick links to the latest opinions regarding the future of Helma Templates:

While discussing a possible new Templating Framework we should agree on a certain common programming task, on which we will demonstrate our different proposals:
Lets assume an antville-like object-structure. We have a skin on site-level, and want to display a localized h1-headerlist, a paragraph with a verbose localized string of the number of topics (=Site.topics.count()), and a table (with rows of alternating colors) of all topic names, and their number of stories (=Topic.count()). If no topics are present then the whole table should not be rendered.

Tobi: I added the "Common Programming Task" scenario to the Helma 2 Templates - ORF.at page.

Lets ellaborate on our different proposals with code samples on different wiki pages. Please also include the corresponding macro code. Additionally it would be nice to see, how this would be solved with Velocity/FreeMarker.