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Version 14 by michi on 06. December 2005, 21:45

Collecting ideas for Helma 2 Template Framework.


Quick links to the latest opinions regarding the future of Helma Templates:

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* Michi: *Helma 2 Templates - michi*

While discussing a possible new Templating Framework we should agree on a certain common programming task, on which we will demonstrate our different proposals:
<i>Lets assume an antville-like object-structure. We have a skin on site-level, and want to display a list (a table with rows of alternating colors) of all topics. For each topic we want to display a verbose localized string indicating the number of stories that are contained within that topic. If no topics are present, then the whole table and its localized h1-header on top should not be rendered, instead a simple localized message should be displayed.</i>
Lets ellaborate on our different proposals with code samples on different wiki pages.