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Version 17 by chl on 15. April 2008, 14:56

The purpose of this page is to organize a real-world meeting of Helma developers. See Hannes' original <a href="http://helma.org/pipermail/helma-user/2008-April/007352.html">Letter of Intent</a>.

=== When

=== Where

something bar-ish would be great. so we can eat, drink and hang out quite long. what about the werkzeug-h in vienna? (http://www.werkzeugh.at/) -anton

=== Agenda

should we have some kind of agenda or just a casual get-together? should it be like a stammtisch, a barcamp or a conference? -anton

=== Who

- Christian Langreiter (whenever, wherever)wherever [for some values of ...])
- Anton Pirker (whenever, wherever (ok if it is somewhere in europe))
- Stefan Rinner
- Chris Zumbrunn (whenever, wherever, as long as I have a 24h warning)
- Hannes Wallnöfer
- Paul Alexandrow (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, except Apr 28th-30th - picky, i know ;))
- Robert Thurnher
- Philipp Nowotny
- Thomas Lohninger
- Rainer Rynesch (whenever, but not 15.  - 17, May 2008/*linuxwochen wien*/ )
- Robert Gaggl
- Andreas Bolka (not in the evening of 17, 18, 24, 26, 27 apr)