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Version 33 by hannes on 23. April 2008, 20:54

The purpose of this page is to organize a real-world meeting of Helma developers. See Hannes' original <a href="http://helma.org/pipermail/helma-user/2008-April/007352.html">Letter of Intent</a>.

=== When

I talked with Manfred Wuits from *werkzeugH|http://www.werkzeugh.at/* and he So after some people said they would be happy to host us. We loosely agreed couldn't make it on May 7., If somebody the new and definite date is inhibited<b>Tuesday, we could still prepone this to May 66 2008</b>. // hns

I'd really like to come, but 7th is impossible for me! Could you do with the 6 of May? //Thomas

=== Where

something bar-ish would be greatAs suggested by *anton* and others, the meeting will take place at *werkzeugH|http://www.werkzeugh.at/blog/* in Vienna. so we can eatFor those who don't know, drink this is a nice and bar-ish place, perfect to hang out quite long.out, what about the werkzeug-h in vienna? (FriendFeed) -antontalk, and drink.

I talked with Manfred and werkzeugH seems ok (couldn't think of any better location either). They currently open at 4pm, which means we could have the location for ourselves before 4pm _but_ either have to bring our own food + drinks or pay a waiter/waitress. After 4pm, there's going to be other people, so we'd have to remove our food/drinks but could still use the back part of the room (which can be separated from the rest, I think). // hns

=== Agenda

should we have some kind of agenda or just a casual get-together? should it be like a stammtisch, a barcamp or a conference? -anton

=== Who

- Christian Langreiter (whenever, wherever [for some values of ...])
- Anton Pirker (whenever, wherever (ok if it is somewhere in europe))
- Stefan Rinner
- Chris Zumbrunn (May 6th is fine, so would be May 7th)
- Hannes Wallnöfer
- Paul Alexandrow (May 6th is ok)
- Robert Thurnher (May 6th would be fine)
- Philipp Nowotny
- Thomas Lohninger (May 6 would be fine)
- Rainer Rynesch (whenever, but not 15.  - 17, May 2008/*linuxwochen wien*/ )
- Robert Gaggl
- Andreas Bolka (May 6, please)
- Klemens Mantzos
- Philipp Naderer
- *Walter Krivanek|http://www.vividvisions.com/* (Both dates OK)
- *Matthias Platzer|http://www.matsblog.com*