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Version 40 by matthias on 05. May 2008, 11:44

The purpose of this page is to organize a real-world meeting of Helma developers. See Hannes' original <a href="http://helma.org/pipermail/helma-user/2008-April/007352.html">Letter of Intent</a>.

=== When

So after some people said they couldn't make it on May 7, the new and definite date is <b>Tuesday, May 6 2008</b>.

I propose we open doors at 9:00 or 9:30 AM and start with the program (if we have one :-) at 10:00 or 10:30 AM. Any other ideas?

=== Where

As suggested by *anton* and others, the meeting will take place at *werkzeugH|http://www.werkzeugh.at/blog/* in Vienna. Many thanks go to *Manfred Wuits|http://www.werkzeugh.at/blog/* for hosting us! For those who don't know, this is a nice and bar-ish place, perfect to hang out, talk, and drink.

They currently open at 4pm, which means we could have the location for ourselves before 4pm _but_ either have to bring our own food + drinks or pay a waiter/waitress. After 4pm, there's going to be other people, so we'd have to remove our food/drinks but could still use the back part of the room (which can be separated from the rest, I think). // hns

=== Agenda

should we have some kind of agenda or just a casual get-together? should it be like a stammtisch, a barcamp or a conference? -anton

There'll be a beamer, and there are coffee tables and sofas, so there'll be room for both official presentations and talks and informal chatting. I'd say we start to make a list where people can enter topics they'd like to hold talks about. / hns

<b>Proposed presentations/talks</b>

* Hannes Wallnöfer: Script scopes and Modules in Helma NG. This will be both a introduction in the inner mechanics and what it means for development, as well as gathering feedback and creating consensus about how to do it in detail (functionnames, namespaces etc).

* Chris Zumbrunn: Setting up a non-profit organization to support the Helma project: Which kind of services should such an organization provide in order to best serve as a catalyst between different stakeholders in the Helma project? What should it do, what should it not do?

* *Matthias*: Learning from my experiments with implementing a RubyOnRails style framework with helma(-ng). and a discussion about where this could go.

=== Who

- Christian Langreiter (6th & 7th fine)
- Anton Pirker (whenever, wherever (ok if it is somewhere in europe))
- Stefan Rinner
- Chris Zumbrunn (May 6th is fine, so would be May 7th)
- Hannes Wallnöfer
- Paul Alexandrow (May 6th is ok)
- Robert Thurnher (May 6th would be fine)
- Philipp Nowotny
- Thomas Lohninger (May 6 would be fine)
- Rainer Rynesch (whenever, but not 15.  - 17, May 2008/*linuxwochen wien*/ )
- Robert Gaggl
- Andreas Bolka (May 6, please)
- Klemens Mantzos
- Philipp Naderer
- *Walter Krivanek|http://www.vividvisions.com/* (Both dates OK)
- *Matthias Platzer|http://www.matsblog.com*
- Johannes Lerch (May 6th = perfect)
- Andreas Unterluggauer