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Version 33 by hannes on 24. November 2006, 12:32

A list of possible modules for splitting up Helma development as described in the *Helma project bylaws*. Not all modules need to be launched immediately. Some are less urgent, and some are dependent on other work that still needs to be done. Note that just because a module is tagged "later" it doesn't mean it can't be done now - it's just that if nobody is interested in committing now it isn't a show-stopper for us.

Please feel free to <b>add yourself</b> to any of the interested people lists below, and to add modules that you think should be installed. Note that adding your name anywhere doesn't mean or imply you wish to become a maintainer of the module in question. This is purely to signal interest in active contribution of words, code, or work. Don't hesitate to add yourself to any module just because 8 other names are already in the list.

The <b>next steps</b> will be:

# Give each (prospective) module its own wiki page and start to work on a module manifesto, which should be a short concise descriptions of the module's goal and the means to get there. Anybody interested in the module may and should get involved in the compilation of the manifesto. Any final decisions will be made by the Helma committee, which at the time of this writing consists only of hannes, but will grow as people commit to maintainership and committee membership.
# In those cases where there is a clear and trusted aspirant for the maintainer spot, the module will then be installed as regular Helma module. If, however, there are several aspiring maintainers, or there is no common agreement on what the manifesto should look like or how the goals defined in the manifesto should be achieved, the module will be relocated to the sandbox, and regular formation will be postponed until the dust has settled and sufficient agreement has been reached.

I hope we can get to the point where we have working drafts of the manifestos for the modules tagged as "required immediately" within the next 7 days, i.e. until Wednesday, November 15.

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