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Version 6 by hannes on 19. April 2008, 12:34

Helma NG 0.2 is the next version of *Helma NG* and scheduled for release in May 2008.

=== Planned features (work in progress)

* Low level skin support, and support for skin parsing and rendering. Low level skin parsing will use a callback based approach. The parseSkin() function will take two arguments: the name of the skin resource and a javascript function that will be called with the skin parts as arguments as they are parsed. It is expected that modules that implement skin rendering functionality build on top of this low level API to provide more abstraction. For example, the *simpleweb module* will provide skin functionity similar to that in helma 1.
* A logging module.
* Support for running web server and shell simultaneously, running compiled and interpreted code in the same app, and launching the debugger in running apps.
* Port over more modules from Helma 1.

=== Ideas, Dreams, Feature requests (feel free to add your own)

* Maybe rethink the module namespace. Does very generic stuff such as File IO need the ..'helma' prefix?