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Version 3 by hannes on 16. May 2008, 18:51

Please add your comments about the *Helma NG Core API* here.

=== Response class

* Currently<strike>Currently, there are the Response.writer and Response.buffer properties to access the current java.io.Writer and java.lang.StringBuffers, as well as Response.push() and Response.pop() to push/pop writers/buffers. It would be nice to implement features described in *Enhancements for response buffer handling*: Response.pushBuffer()/popBuffer() to manage buffers from the application, or Response.writers/buffers properties to allocate/access named buffers managed by the response object itself.</strike> Fixed by adding Request.Buffer class that wrapps the StringWriter. Needs documentation.

=== Request class

* Needs more design, could be closer to Helma 1