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Jala Test NG port

Jala Test is (somewhat) functional on Helma NG! See attachments for screenshot, diffs and zip file. The changes are not that bad. I used the freshly committed helma.helma1 compatibilty module for this.

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To mount the test module's jala.test action in a Helma NG app as /test/jala.test do something like this:

  importModule('jala.test.*', 'test');

To mount the action as /jala.test do the following:

  importFromModule('jala.test.*', 'jala_test_action', 'jala_test_css_action');

Note that the path for the tests directory is currently hard-coded as /home/hannes/svn/helma-ng/modules/tests. You'll have to edit that path manually in the jala.Test.js file.