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Version 4 by hannes on 09. May 2008, 23:06

Jala Test is (somewhat) functional on Helma NG! See attachments for screenshot, diffs and zip file. The changes are not that bad. I used the freshly committed *helma.helma1|http://dev.helma.org/trac/helma/browser/helma-ng/trunk/modules/helma/helma1.js* compatibilty module for this.

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To add a test module to a Helma NG app do something like this:

  importModule(importFromModule('helma.helma1', 'helma1createHopObject');
  var test = new (helma1.createHopObject((createHopObject('jala.test'))();

Note that the path for the tests directory is currently hard-coded.