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JavaScript Runtime

Helma NG consists of two parts: the low lever JavaScript Runtime implemented in Java, and a module library implemented in JavaScript that runs on top of it.

The Helma JavaScript runtime is based on Mozilla Rhino and supports JavaScript 1.7 with partial support for JavaScript 1.8 features. It adds to Rhino an enhanced shell, a module loader and a resource framework.

To run Helma NG, add the helma-ng/bin directory to your PATH environment variable:

export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/helma-ng/bin

To start a shell session, just run the helma command without any arguments:


To run a script simply pass it to helma on the command line:

helma apps/demo/main.js

If you run a script that is contained in Helma's module path you can also use the simpler abstract module name instead of the file name. For example, to run the helma test suite:

helma test/all

To create a new web application, use the admin/create script. This will copy an simple skeleton app to the location you define. You can pass the application directory as command line argument, or the script will prompt you for it.

helma admin/create [appdir]

Run helma with the -h or --help switch to get more information about available command line options. For example, the -i or --interactive option allows you to run an application and use the shell at the same time, which can be really handy.