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Version 1 by hannes on 07. June 2008, 11:05

Plugins are Modules that are not part of the Helma distribution. The plugin manager is a module that automates the process of installing, updating and uninstalling plugins in Helma NG.

The initial plugin manager implementation is scheduled for Helma 0.3 and will have a shell interface. Later versions may feature an additional web interface.

=== Use Case

A typical plugin manager session may look like this:

    helma> importModule('helma.plugins', 'plugins');
    helma> plugins
      installed: 3 plugins
      updatable: 1 plugin
      available: 2 plugins
    helma> plugins.updatable
      module name:  profiler    installed: 0.2    available: 0.2
    helma> plugins.updateAll()
      updating profiler... done
    helma> plugins.available
      module name:  markdown    version:  0.1
      module name:  test        version:  0.3.1
      module name:  imageutils  version:  0.6
    helma> plugins.describe('test')
      module name:          test
      version:              0.3.1
      author:              Foobert Meyer <foobert@domain.com>
        A unit testing framework for Helma NG.
        Version 0.3.1 features enhancements in the shell interface
        and a redesigned web interface.
    helma> plugins.install('test')
      installing test... done