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The Helma NG shell is great for interactive and explorative programming. To start it, either run helma without a script, or add the -i or --interactive switch before the script.

The Helma shell uses JLine to provide a number of nice features, including:

You can enter and evaluate any JavaScript expression. You can scroll through your session history using the <Up> and <Down> keys, hitting <Tab> will try to auto-complete your current input. Use the include, require, or import functions to load any Helma NG modules:

 helma> include('helma/file');
 helma> var file = new File('README.txt');
 helma> file.open();
 helma> file.readln();
 Helma NG
 helma> file.close();

The shell history is kept in a file called .history in the Helma NG home directory. To exit the shell <Ctrl-D> or enter quit().

Links to this page: Getting Started, Tools