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This is a wiki space dedicated to Helma NG. Feel free to create new pages or edit existing ones. Helma NG consists of several components that can be used together or alone:

* <p>A compact *JavaScript runtime* environment based on Mozilla Rhino. It adds to Rhino a reloading module system that is compatible to the *ServerJS|https://wiki.mozilla.org/ServerJS* Securable Module proposal.</p>
* <p>An interactive *shell* with support for autocompletion and history.</p>
* <p>A *module* library implemented in JavaScript, covering basic functionality such as extensions to the built-in objects, file I/O, logging, persistence, unit testing, client and server side HTTP support and *web framework*.</p>

=== Overview

* *README|http://dev.helma.org/trac/helma/browser/helma-ng/trunk/README.txt*
* *Getting Started*
* *Demo apps*
* *JavaScript Runtime*
* *Modules*
* *Web Framework* and *Middleware*
* *Persistence API*

=== Resources

* *Mailing list|http://groups.google.com/group/helma-ng*
* *Download|http://github.com/hns/helma-ng/downloads*
* *Roadmap|https://dev.helma.org/trac/helma/roadmap**Roadmap*
* *Issues|https://dev.helma.org/trac/helma/report*
* Source Code
** Subversion: *Browse|https://dev.helma.org/trac/helma/browser/helma-ng/trunk*, *Checkout|https://dev.helma.org/svn/helma-ng/trunk*
** *Git at Github|http://github.com/hns/helma-ng/tree/master*
* IRC: *#helma on irc.freenode.net|http://helma.server-side-javascript.org/hopbot/*

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