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<div style="background-color: #ffd; border: 1px solid red; padding: 1em; font-weight: bold;">Please note: Helma NG is being relaunched as <a href="http://ringojs.org/">RingoJS</a>. See the <a href="http://groups.google.com/group/ringojs/browse_thread/thread/d68d4533410ea39b">announcement</a> on the mailing list for more information.</div>

Helma NG stands for Helma Next Generation and is a version of Helma built from the ground up. The main differences between Helma 1 and Helma NG are that Helma NG has a much smaller and leaner Java core (mostly just runtime, shell, and the module and resource loader), and that Helma NG aims to provide full [CommonJS] interoperability.

This is a wiki space dedicated to Helma NG. Feel free to create new pages or edit existing ones.

[commonjs]: http://wiki.commonjs.org/wiki/CommonJS (Link to CommonJS Wiki)

### Overview

Helma NG consists of several components that can be used together or alone:

* A compact [JavaScript runtime] environment based on Mozilla Rhino. It adds to Rhino a reloading [module system][module loader] that is compatible to the [CommonJS] Securable Module proposal.

* An interactive [shell] with support for autocompletion and history.

* A [module] library implemented in JavaScript, covering basic functionality such as extensions to the built-in objects, file I/O, logging, persistence, unit testing, client and server side HTTP support and [web framework].

### Getting Started

Some links that may help you getting acquainted with Helma NG:

* [README](http://github.com/hns/helma-ng/blob/master/README.txt)
* [Getting Started]
* [Demo apps]
* [JavaScript Runtime]
* [Modules]
* [Web Framework] and [Middleware]
* [Persistence API]

### Resources

* [Mailing list](http://groups.google.com/group/helma-ng)
* [Roadmap]
* [API Documentation](http://helma-doc.appspot.com/) (work in progress)
* [Download [Source Code (Github)](http://github.com/hns/helma-ng/downloads)com/ringo/ringojs)
* [Source Code [Issues (Github)](http://github.com/hns/helma-ng/tree/master)com/ringo/ringojs/issues)
* [Issues (Github)](http://githubIRC: [#ringojs on irc.com/hns/helma-ng/issues)freenode.net](http://ringojs.com/bot/)
* IRC: [#helma on irc.freenode.net](http://helma.server-side-javascript.org/hopbot/)

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