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Version 27 by Philipp on 09. December 2009, 10:07

This is a wiki page intended for the collection of pending changes/additions to the *reference guide|http://helma.zumbrunn.com/reference/*.

The reference guide for Helma 1.x is *maintained using subversion|https://dev.helma.org/trac/helma/browser/apps/reference/trunk/* and is automatically generated using the *jsdoc toolkit|https://dev.helma.org/trac/helma/browser/apps/reference/trunk/app/README.txt*. If you notice any errors or omissions and do not have commit access to directly make the fix in subversion, please add a notice or a text recommendation here.

== Missing:
* I just looked after helma.Http.evalUrl and it isn't in the reference.
* httpOnlySessionCookie in apps.properties is missing.
* getMacroHandler() is missing in HopObject - http://tenez.at/blog/2009/12/helma-deep-macro-invocation/
* helma.File.readln() needs an open() before reading it, readAll() not. Maybe this should be also added to the doc: http://helma.server-side-javascript.org/reference/helma.File.html#helma.File.open

== Pending Changes:

* <strike>_prototype, _name, __created__, __lastModified__</strike>, __fullname__, __hash__, __node__ HopObject properties are not documented: http://helma.zumbrunn.com/hopbot/2007-08-08 http://helma.zumbrunn.com/hopbot/2008-08-05
* HopObject.subnodeRelation is missing in the docs. It allows to dynamically adjust the .filter usually set in type.properties
* Global.path documentation code example is broken. Because path is not a real array, in that it is keyed on prototype names, Not integer indexes, therefore the code should be:
  for (var i in path) {

== in general
All reference pages should include an index with links to all contained methods and properties, the way the HopObject page already does.