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Version 22 by zumbrunn on 14. June 2007, 17:24

=== Helma 1.6 ===

This There will soon be a third release is imminent.candidate, You can get containing some additional enhancements in the current release candidate from way request parameters are exposed to the *download page|http://helmascripting environment.org/download/* The final Helma 1.6.0 release should follow a few days later.

You can get the current, second release candidate from the *download page|http://helma.org/download/*.

see *Helma 1.6.0 Changelog* for details

=== Helma 1.7 ===

With Helma 1.x development moving forward as solidly as it has, there 7 will likely be a version based on Helma 1.7 with more major feature enhancements6, which were originally intended with new features to be addressed in Helma 2.0determined.

=== Helma 2.0 ===

The roadmap for Helma 2 is being reassessed, since functionality that was intended for Helma 2 has now already been included in the Helma 1.6.0 release and development of Helma 1.x has been reenergized.

The implementation of Helma 2 has already been started, and will continue, likely in parallel with the development of future Helma 1.x versions.