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Version 24 by hannes on 21. September 2007, 11:08

=== Helma 1.6 ===

There is now a third release candidate, containing some additional enhancements in the way request parameters are exposed to the scripting environment. The final Helma 1.6.0 release should follow in a few daysis the current stable version of Helma and was released on July 19, 2007. You can get it from the *download page|http://helma.org/download/*.

You can get the current release candidate from the *download page|http://helmaSee *Helma 1.org/download/*6.0 Changelog* for new features and bugfixes in Helma 1.6.0.

see *Helma The next planned release is Helma 1.6.0 Changelog* for details1, which will include bug fixes as well as updated versions of Rhino and Jetty.

=== Helma 1.7 ===

Helma 1.7 7.0 is planned for the 4th quarter of 2007 and will be based on introduce significant new features to those found in Helma 1.6,. See pages tagged with new features to be determined*helma 1.7|tags/helma 1.7* for a list of planned features.

=== Helma 2.0 ===

The roadmap for Helma 2 is being reassessed, since functionality that was intended for Helma 2 has now already been included in the Helma 1.6.0 release and development of Helma 1.x has been reenergized.

The implementation of Helma 2 has already been started, and will continue, likely in parallel with the development of future Helma 1.x versions.