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Version 33 by hannes on 17. February 2009, 23:20

=== Helma 1.6 ===

Helma 1.6.3 is the current stable version of Helma and was released on November 25, 2008. You can get it from the *download page|http://helma.org/download/*.

See the *Helma 1.6.0 Changelog*, *Helma 1.6.1 Changelog*, *Helma 1.6.2 Changelog* and *Helma 1.6.3 Changelog* for new features and bugfixes in Helma 1.6.

There may be a 1.6.4 release, if deemed necessary, or it may get skipped in favor of an earlier Helma 1.7 release. See whether there are *any bugs or enhancements scheduled to go into a 1.6.4 release|http://helma.org/bugs/buglist.cgi?target_milestone=1.6.4*.

=== Helma 1.7 ===

Helma 1.7 will introduce new features to those found in Helma 1.6. See pages tagged with *helma 1.7|tags/helma 1.7* for a list of planned features and the list of *fixes and changes|http://helma.org/bugs/buglist.cgi?target_milestone=1.7.0* on track for Helma 1.7.

=== Helma 2.0 NG ===

The roadmap for Helma 2 *Helma NG* is being reassessed, since functionality that was intended for Helma 2 has now already been included in the Helma 1.6.0 release and development next generation of the Helma 1server side Javascript runtime and web application framework.x has been reenergized Development is well under way. Check out the dedicated *NG wiki|ng* for details.

The implementation of Helma 2 has already been started, and is currently continuing under the code name "*Helma NG*", likely in parallel with the development of future Helma 1.x versions.