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Version 34 by zumbrunn on 10. February 2010, 01:04

=== Helma 1.6 7 ===

Helma 1.67.3 0 is the current stable version of Helma and was released on November 25February 10, 20082010. You can get it from the *download page|http://helma.org/download/*.

See the *Helma 1.67.0 Changelog*, *Helma 1.6.1 Changelog*, *Helma 1.6.2 Changelog* and *Helma 1.6.3 Changelog* for a list of bugfixes and the major new features and bugfixes in Helma 1.67.

There may be a 1.67.4 1 release, if deemed necessary, or it may get skipped in favor of an earlier Helma 1.7 8 release. See whether there are *any bugs or enhancements scheduled to go into a 1.67.4 1 release|http://helma.org/bugs/buglist.cgi?target_milestone=1.67.4*1*.

=== Helma 1.7 ===

Helma 1.7 will introduce new features to those found in Helma 1.6. See pages tagged with *helma 1.7|tags/helma 1.7* for a list of planned features and the list of *fixes and changes|http://helma.org/bugs/buglist.cgi?target_milestone=1.7.0* on track for Helma 1.7.

=== Helma NG ===

*Helma NG* is the next generation of the Helma server side Javascript runtime and web application framework. Development is well under way. Check out the dedicated *NG wiki|ng* for details.