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Version 13 by philmaker on 19. November 2007, 05:29

Philip Weaver created this document on November 19, 2007. I intend to describe getting up and running with Helma very concisely and quickly. I intend to initially focus on using the internal XML database, explain how HopObjects work in relation to page requests and in relation to data persistence in the internal database, explain the workings of the properties files, explain conventions, etc. And more. If there are areas where the documentation is already obvious or sufficient or it is a non-core feature, I may link: such as skins, macros, etc.

Questions (I'm new to Helma so some of these may be misguided):
Can each session have it's own Root object? Need more info on how session-based HopObjects work.
If a create a custom object which needs to extend HopObject - how does that all get wired? Is it automatic? (yes?) Is it via type-properties? Only via type properties?
In the included HopObject demo, would it be better to have the HopObject directory have some other name - to avoid confusion? Or is it necessary that it be named 'HopObject' for that demo?

Point out:
intro.applications maps to intro/applications and why? Will intro/applications also map to intro/applications?

Notes: if you add a new HopObject to an already persisted HopObject, that new HopObject will perists automatically. However, it you update the values of a HopObject, you must call persist().


[Basic Scaffolding]