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HelmaLib is included with standard Helma installations and is a Javascript library considered to be of universal usefulness for all Helma application development. It consists of two modules, a core module that extends core Javascript prototypes and a "helma" module that contains additional prototypes, providing additional functionality not provided directly by Helma's core environment, usually by wrapping a Java library.

To use a HelmaLib module in your Helma application, you need to add it to the app's repositories. The simplest way to do so is by using the app.addRepository() function:


helma.Aspects provides static methods to wrap existing functions inside a javascript closure in order to add additional behavior without overriding the existing one.

helma.Chart provides the capability of reading Excel spreadsheets and rendering them as XHTML table.

helma.Color provides methods for converting HTML color names into their corresponding RGB values and vice versa, or retrieving single RGB color values.

helma.Database provides access to a relational database through JDBC.

helma.File provides read and write access to the file system.

helma.Ftp provides a FTP client for accessing FTP servers.

helma.Html provides various methods for rendering XHTML markup tags.

helma.Http provides functionality to programatically issue Http requests.

helma.Mail provides functionality for sending Email messages.

helma.Search provides functionality for creating a fulltext search index based on Apache Lucene.

helma.Skin in addition to the standard skin functionality, allows creation of a skin based on a Base64 encoded source.

helma.Ssh provides methods for connecting to a remote server via secure shell (ssh) and copying files from/to a remote server using secure copy (scp).

helma.Url creates a helma.Url object from a provided url string.

helma.Zip provides various methods for extracting entries or manipulating the contents of zip archives.

For detailed lists of the additional methods provided by the core module, see the corresponding reference pages for Object, Array, String, Date and Number.

If you are looking for more Helma libraries, be sure to check out the Jala project!

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