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Version 1 by hannes on 07. May 2008, 08:58

Here I try to compile a list of notes from yesterday's *Helma users meeting|helma meeting spring 2008* at WerkzeugH. I don't have any notes as I was deeply involved in the meeting most of the time, so please feel free to add your notes. Foto uploads are also welcome!

=== Presentation of Helma NG

Hannes Wallnöfer made a presentation on *Helma NG*. The slides for the presentation *are available at henso.com|http://www.henso.com/files/helma-ng-presentation/*. I also demoed a lot of stuff in the NG shell and web interface.

=== A Rails-like framework built on Helma NG

Matthias Platzer showed a demo of a framework he built on Helma NG inspired by Ruby on Rails. This included Rails-like URL dispatching, controller, model, and view classes/modules. He also showed how inheritance can be used with NG module scopes.

=== Discussion on a non-profit support organisation for Helma

Chris Zumbrunn brought up the topic of a non-profit organisation to serve as promoter as well as an interface between commercial entities interested in using Helma and the Helma developers. In the middle term, such an organisation could be self-sustained by serving as a consultancy or mediator for commercial users of Helma. In the short term and for the bootstrapping process, some funding would be required. The consensus was that such an institution would be a good thing and should be supported.

=== Broadening the contributor base, fixing infrastructure

Another important topic was the inclusion of more people in the development process. A number of good ideas were brought up: The contribution to the Helma Wiki should be explicitly encouraged, IRC channel logs should be more available, and the site structure needs to be consolidated.

=== Helma NG module repository

Maybe the most important decision was to build a platform for contributed modules for Helma NG and the inclusion of a module/plugin manager to easily browse and install plugins. The infrastructure will include code repositories (most probably subversion) and a dedicated wiki space. Various technical aspects and details were discussed.

=== Your topic here

The list above is very incomplete, as a lot more things were discussed. Feel free to add the stuff that was important to you!