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Version 1 by hannes on 16. March 2007, 10:54

Helma 1.6 contains a number of Skin/Macro enhancements that aim to make Helma's rendering infrastructure more flexible and powerful

==== Macro pipes/filters

  <% text | truncate max="300" | uppercase %>

Filter functions must have a _filter suffix and get two arguments: the return value of the previous macro/filter in the chain, and a parameter object with the attributs in the filter tag. They are expected to return the filtered macro output.

==== Deep/Reach-through macro invocation

  <% page.author.name %

==== Nested Macros

  <% page.link content=<% messages.storylink %> %>

==== failmode attribute

New standard attribute: failmode=silent|verbose. Default value is silent for request/response/session/param handlers, and verbose for app object handlers (mimicking implicit Helma 1.5 behaviour)