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Version 10 by anton on 08. May 2008, 16:58

### under construction ###


All the tables and columns in the database are all lowercase. (Which is quite handy with an Mysql database because the names are case-sensitive if the underlying file system is also case-sensitive. So Mysql Names are case sensitive on Linux but not on Windows.)

Tablenames are plural.

Prototype names start with upper case and are camel case. Prototype names are singular.

Property- Object- and Collection-Mapping start with lower case and are also camel case.

Foreign keys are prefixed with the name of the table they are referring to.

<b>DB schema</b>

<% this.image name="1-to-1-relation.jpg" %>


Lets map the image_data to our image.

   imageData          = collection(ImageData)Object(ImageData)
   imageData.local    = image_id
   imageData.foreign  = images_image_id