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#1 by maks at 2007/09/28 06:43

Hannes, the browser extension for helma development sounds very interesting! Would you be able to give any more info about it? or is there code somewhere for others to look at / hack on? :-)

#2 by zumbrunn at 2007/09/28 12:47

Hi mks, I was going to dive into that, either starting from scratch or as a plug-in to firebug. The first step would be to collect ideas for the features such an extension could have.

One thing I've thought about the last few days was to leverage the enhancements Hannes outlined here: http://dev.helma.org/wiki/Enhancements+for+response+buffer+handling/ in order to collect debug info in a client-side javascript objects data structure and use the browser extension to visualize that info.

Another possible feature (possibly related) would be to let the browser extension display which parts of the page/source were generated by which skins/macros etc. Kind of like a stack trace for page elements.