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Version 13 by zumbrunn on 27. May 2006, 10:26

* finish (js) syntax coloring
** for debugger
** for web output
* *debugger*
** startDebugger() function
* gobi
** finish weblog
** finish backlinks
** update svnbrowser
** implement more rss feeds
** automerge history
* sqlshell
** add prototype and mapping support

* Helma 1Other tasks under way.5 core..
** updateable collections (hannes, manfred)Put the helmaLib reference online
* Helma 1.5 helmaLib** Synchronize and expand wiki and docbook based documentation
** adding JSONUpdate list of related projects
* Helma 1.5 package** Complete migration of old site to gobi
** finishing touches, additional deployment targets (czv)Bridging the client/server divide by bringing both helmaLib and dojo to "both sides of the environment"
* Helma 1.5 documentation** Create a wiki where we collect "recommendable" related development tools, such as browser extensions and conversion tools
** updating helma.org Create a browser extension that ties in with additional Helma 1.5 specific content (czv)the server side and eases development/debugging