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Version 22 by hannes on 18. October 2006, 16:09

Also see *Helma roadmap*.

Helma 1.5

nothing to do currently, let changes settle and release

Helma 1.6

* Extend Rhino graphical debugger API to let us do window/function listings
* Fix Helmadoc comments not being displayed

*Helma 2 alpha 1*

* Add mounting support to repositories
* Implement Java object scripting through JavaAdapter infrastructure
* Implement request path resolution in Javascript
* Implement Jürg's/Tobi's template engine


* See *Gobi Todo|http://gobi.helma.at/Todo/*.

Other tasks under way...
* Put the helmaLib reference online
* Synchronize and expand wiki and docbook based documentation
* Update list of related projects
* Complete migration of old site to gobi
* Bridging the client/server divide by bringing both helmaLib and dojo to "both sides of the environment"
* Create a wiki where we collect "recommendable" related development tools, such as browser extensions and conversion tools
* Create a browser extension that ties in with the server side and eases development/debugging