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Version 31 by hannes on 08. October 2007, 12:18

Also see *Helma roadmap*.

Subversion repository

* create sandbox for experimental projects

Helma 1.6.1

* Work through *bugzilla|http://helma.org/bugs/*
* *Update ant build script to new subversion repository|Update build script to Subversion*

Helma 1.7.0

* Plan and discuss *new features|tags/helma 1.7*
* Implement *test suite|Testing Helma with jala.Test* based on jala.Test


* Reimplement updates page so it scales up to Helma Subversion repository
* See *Gobi Todo|http://gobi.helma.at/Todo/*.

Other tasks under way...
* Complete migration of old site to gobi, merging with docbook based documentation
* Create a browser extension that ties in with the server side and eases development/debugging