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Version 11 by philmaker on 20. November 2007, 20:23

This is a rought draft document by philmaker on November 19, 2007. The intent is to document how to handle get/post AJAX requests for JSON and XMLXML and perist user/posted data in the internal database user object. Plan on initially creating an example which uses the internal database to store data using user HopObjects. ATM, I can't get toJSON() to work so I need to sort that out. Writing XML requires Jala so I need to document that. I plan on creating some simple examples and then doing a writeup on those examples.

I think that examples for AJAX requests are very very important to have. JavaScript (Mocha) on the server is becoming more and more popular. One benefit of using JavaScript (Mocha) on the server is that it allows client Javascript developers to leverage their skills. However, more important is the ability to share Javascript validation code perhaps both on the client and on the server. And this becomes more and more important when AJAX requests are being used. So having an article on 'Helma AJAX Requests' sounds really good to me. Woot!

In order to return rendered JSON in a response, you must include the module in apps.properties:
appname.repository.1 = modules/core/Object.js
appname.repository.2 = modules/core/JSON.js

In order to return rendered JSON in a response, you must include the module:
VERIFY: appname.repository.1 = modules/jala/XMLWriter.js