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Version 27 by hannes on 22. September 2009, 00:13

Most activity in the wiki currently revolves around *working [working drafts for additional documentation|Documentation Drafts* documentation][Documentation Drafts] and around *Helma NG* [Helma NG] with a newly added dedicated *Helma NG Wiki|ng* space.

Other important wiki pages are the lists of *Related Projects* [Related Projects] and *Sites [Sites using Helma*Helma], to both of which you are welcome to add your own or other missing entries.

Also helpful to find what you are looking for, may be the *search* [search] page, the *updates* [updates] page, the *tags* [tags] cloud and the *list complete [list of pages in the general wiki|http://dev.helma.org/wiki/list*wiki](/wiki/list), which contains ideas, drafts and other miscellaneous bits and serves as an incubation space for new projects and documentation pages that may later be moved to their dedicated spaces.

Don't hesitate to just *add [add a new page|http://dev.helma.org/wiki/create* page](/wiki/create) if you have something to contribute and are not sure where otherwise to put it.

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