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Version 2 by Philipp on 06. June 2008, 15:34

Working for *ORF ON|http://www.orf.at* in Vienna, *hobby-photographer|http://flickr.com/photos/triotex* and student at the *TU Wien|http://www.tuwien.ac.at*. Working with Helma since 2008, so please check my Documentation-Wiki edits and correct it, if there are any mistakes or missinterpretations in it.

=== Searching for a job... ===
My girlfriends is searching for an internship as photographer or photo editor from July to September. If you know someone who can help, please contact her: *http://fotoluizapuiu.blogspot.com*

I don't want to travel to her home in Romania every week, even if Romania is a beautiful country ;-) So a job in Vienna would be nice for me, for her and for the Helma documentation wiki, because I can spend more time there... :-)