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Version 3 by Philipp on 06. June 2008, 15:35

Working for *ORF ON|http://www.orf.at* in Vienna, *hobby-photographer|http://flickr.com/photos/triotex* and student at the *TU Wien|http://www.tuwien.ac.at*. Working with Helma since 2008, so please check my Documentation-Wiki edits and correct it, if there are any mistakes or missinterpretations in it.

=== Searching for a job... ===
My girlfriends is searching for an internship as photographer or photographer, photo editor editor, or some other interesting stuff from July to September. If you know someone who can help, please contact her: *http://fotoluizapuiu.blogspot.com*

I don't want to travel to her home in Romania every week, even if Romania is a beautiful country ;-) So a job in Vienna would be nice for me, for her and for the Helma documentation wiki, because I can spend more time there... :-)