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suggestion for helma user documentation

since i am busily working with jsdoc right now, i found a neat way how you could create really excellent documentation of helma's javascript features and potentially replace the current reference with the result.

since jsdoc doesn't make any syntax and almost no consistency checks you simply could document any of the available helma-only objects as pseudo-javascript code.

in consequence, users would have an excellent way to browse through helma's object model and methods. moreover, developers could simply drop these pseudo-code files into their own apps and thus include the whole helma documentation with their own jsdoc-generated output.

as a start i attached a zip file containing some source files and the generated documentation: it's the hopobject class as well as the res and app objects, all of them with a few fields and methods. the documentation was copied from helma.org.

please take a look at the output and i hope you agree with me that so far this is the best way to show helma's javascript features -- especially if you already know javadoc!

certainly, there can be added a lot more explanations and examples, and there has to be added all of the other classes, instances and their all of their fields and methods.

but first of all: what do you think? // tobi